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Accelerate your product creation cycle with new VR tools. Boost your reactivity by using collaborative tools. Share your results with customer with images or animations in high quality.

  • Validate your design iterations or colors and materials remotely in collaborative mode.
  • Run simulation tests on your 3D models in order to identify gaps in materials or designs and make real-time changes to see how this affects your result.
  • Carry out your benchmarking in real time.
  • Test your designs with the client.


ALSTOM - Riyad Subway

ALSTOM – Riyad Subway

Project overview : A total of 6 lines were created around Riyad city in the

ALSTOM - Sydney Subway

ALSTOM – Sydney Subway

Project overview : The Sydney metro line is the first automatic subway surrounding Sydney’s region.

ALSTOM - Singapour Subway

ALSTOM – Singapour Subway

Project overview : During development phase, MRT operator needed to validate the lightning level inside

EBOHR - Excellence watch

EBOHR – Excellence watch

Project overview : EBOHR is a Chinese watch manufacturer who introduced in 2014 two new

ALSTOM - Lille Subway

ALSTOM – Lille Subway

Project overview : Our team supported in house Alstom Design team to create the new

ALSTOM - DSB Regional

ALSTOM – DSB Regional

Project overview : Fremtidens Tog in danish means Futur Train and will be the next

ALSTOM - ICNG Regional

ALSTOM – ICNG Regional

Project overview : InterCity Next Generation is the new regional line surrounding Amsterdam. Our team



Project overview : Grand Paris Express will be the lines surrounding Paris in 2025. Our